What we offer:

  • Expertise in clinical trial programming, including data management and statistical analysis.  

  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements for clinical trials, such as FDA guidance documents, ICH guidelines, and CDISC standards.

  • We work efficiently with large and complex datasets and are skilled in data cleaning, merging, and transformation.

  •  We have deep understanding of statistical methods and are capability of conducting complex statistical analyses.

  • We provide accurate and reliable results, which are crucial for decision-making in drug development.

  • We are skilled in adapting to changing project requirements and timelines and are able to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and vendors including clinical operations, data management, statistics, Contract Research Organizations and outside laboratories.

  • We can provide cost-effective solutions for data management and analysis. by developing efficient programming code, reducing the need for manual intervention, and providing quick turnaround time for deliverables.